Jeffrey Hanson

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Jeff, the leader of the Brazil specialist team, has worked with the Brazilian market since 1974 and has participated first hand in the dramatic emergence of this market. He lived in Brazil for 26 years, setting up, managing, owning and operating businesses there. Jeff has expertise and insider knowledge of import/export, manufacturing, distribution, partnering, costing and pricing within Brazil. As an trained and accredited Executive Associate of the IIB, Institute for Independent Business, Jeff has access to tap the full IIB network of business support specialists worldwide. He is on the Board of Advisors for the Brazilian trade journals Meio Filtrante and Revista TAE (Treatment of Water and Effluentes). Access to his knowledge can help you get on your Layline to Brazil and enter that market successfully.

Rob Scarlett

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Rob is a true internationalist and a specialist in export market development with a focus on the overall Latin American countries. He is a co-author of the book, Global Business – 308 Tips to take your company worldwide. Rob is fluent in English, Spanish, German, Portuguese and French having worked in several countries including Germany, USA, Venezuela and Brazil. He has intimate market knowledge from Mexico to the southern tip of Chile and Argentina. With his support on the Cleawater Layline team we can provide assistance with a successful introduction to the overall Latin American market place.

João Batista Moura

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João Moura has over 30 years of direct experience with marketing, sales and business development within Brazil. From the early 80’s Moura has teamed with Jeff Hanson to develop clean, green businesses in Brazil in the fields of filtration, industrial cleaning, municipal cleaning and related equipment manufacturing. Over the years he has become the central leader in Brazil for the filtration and water treatment market. Moura is the founder and publishes the trade journals Meio Filtrante (filtration mrket) and Revista TAE (water treatment market). His company also provides market intelligence, research and recruiting for businesses interested in the Brazilian market. Moura also organized and is the President of Abrafiltros, the associate of filter manufacturers in Brazil.