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Clearwater Layline LLC

Getting on your Layline to make your mark

Welcome to Clearwater Layline LLC !

Clearwater Layline provides advice, guidance and support to assist businesses, small or large, to address critical factors that might be standing in the way of their success. We help business owners quickly and clearly pin-point their primary objectives and lay out tactical plans to achieve them. Clearwater Layline will guide clients toward

  • The biological treatment of high sulfate contamination levels in mining impacted waters. For more information see: .
  • Sustainable growth through international market expansion
  • Leveraged sales growth in the Americas Market
  • Sustainable business growth with responsible environmental engineering
  • Clearwater Layline has particular in-depth expertise in
  • Bioremediation of mining impacted waters for the removal of sulfate
  • South American-US market market research
  • Market introduction into Brazil, Latin America and the USA
  • Filtration, fibers, water treatment and recycling markets


Clearwater Layline LLC

8457 Spring Ridge Rd.

Babbitt, MN 55706

Mobile: (913) 620-7420

Phone: (218) 827-3665

Email: [email protected]